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About us

Dutch Operational Training Equipment Services is a training provider and manufacturer producing advanced simulations for realistic incident training. Primarily to develop, maintain, or improve the operational readiness of individuals or units for public safety and defence, e.g. military exercises, police training, special task force training, education and training of fire departments, offshore industry and (petro) chemical industries.


By offering a wide variety of training equipment and services that deliver realistic training environments through practical design and efficiency. We constantly innovate and create new simulation techniques and special effects to train today’s challenges on the job as well on existing or new training centers.
In addition our product range includes a number of standard products. If specific training goals or -objectives need to be met do contact us. We’re specialized in custom build solutions.
Our goal is to be the first for customers, by building high performance training equipment and providing quality services.


As an experienced provider of genuine training equipment, DOTES has the expertise of cost-effectively engineering its projects around the world. We deliver tangible solutions that really make a difference to our clients.

Using 3D software or scale models our designers are able to visualize ideas, equating demand and supply.


After a 30 year experience in safety- and film industry, we created Dutch Operational Training Equipment Services (DOTES). We produce leading equipment on the incident training and the SFX market thanks to our creativity, innovations and flexibility
DOTES provides complete training solutions including equipment and crew. Whatever your needs, from a falling painting or smoke generator to a complete disaster and a huge variety in between. We have built our reputation on understanding the needs of our customers and produce high-quality effects and facilities that meet or exceed their expectations.

In staging of exercises we apply our knowledge and experience with special effects in many industries. By this we add the always missing factor experience to realistic exercises. The necessary equipment and techniques are in-house developed and produced.


To meet the growing need for the training of professionals DOTES provides training situations that can’t be matched. Let us help you be prepared for worst case scenario.

Choose your own training scenario’s, such as traffic accidents, fires, bomb threats, aircraft- and industrial incidents, and we add an unforgettable experience factor to your training. We will help you train safely in your environment using efficient staging. Prepare for genuine real life incidents.

Many organizations, from fire brigades to international industries have taken advantage of our expertise and professional execution.

Contact us

Coenecoop 449
2741 PP Waddinxveen
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)182 612505
E: info@dotes.nl